Most efficient

Hand operated

The original


What is ProSoilblocker?

ProSoilblocker is a hand operated soil block making tool, designed specially for small-scale farmers or enthusiastic gardeners. It is the most efficient soil-blocker on the market. ProSoilblocker is designed to fit a 30 by 40cm tray or the standard American 1020 tray.

Made of high quality stainless-steel! Made in the Czech Republic!

Original design registered with The European Union Intellectual Property Office.

What are Soil Blocks?

Soil blocks are the #1 way to starting seeds. Seedlings are vigorous, transplanting causes minimal damage to roots and working with blocks is far more easier and faster than  handling seedlings from trays.

Why ProSoilblocker?

  • Healthier and more vigorous seedlings
  • Top quality stainless-steel frame
  • Original design registered in 27 EU countries
  • No electricity needed
  • No need for space
  • No more pots!


How to use ProSoilblocker?

My name is Lamya and I develop innovative tools for small farmers

In 2018 I founded a small-scale flower farm. Since the beginning I lacked tools to meet the needs of micro-farming. That is why, together with my colleague, a mechanical engineer, I embarked on the path of developing innovative tools for small farmers.

And because every plant starts from a seed, the first tool we have developed together is the ProSoilblocker.